House of Peers 3 Year old The Deluxe Blend

The famous blend which started the House of Peers story and has been enjoyed by countless aficionados across the globe ever since Frederick Laing improved upon the original Victorian recipe in the 1940s. Containing over 30 different grain and malt whiskies, including the beautifully sweet North British grain aged in ex-Bourbon barrels and the wonderfully rich Blair Athol highland malt aged in ex-sherry butts, we have the famous honey smooth, rich and fruity taste that is the House of Peers style. Other highland and Speyside malts such as Dailuaine and Glenrothes also feature in the blend. This blend is perfect at any time of day – as an aperitif, digestif or accompaniment to a meal and can be consumed neat, on the rocks or with a splash of your favourite mixer. Frederick Laing himself favoured drinking it in the classic Scottish “highball” style – mixing a large measure of House of Peers with lots of ice and old fashioned lemonade – the favoured choice of the Hunter Laing directors to this day.

3 year old deluxe blend front